Posted by: Singh Is King | Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hindu Minister At His Best, Racist remarks at Sikh ex Speaker

Sikhs approach Jharkhand govt to oust Bhanu over racial comment

Ranchi, Jul 26 : Irked over Jharkhand Health Minister Bhanu Pratap Shahi’s statement against former Speaker Inder Singh Namdhari, people from the Sikh community today urged Governor Syed Sibte Razi to dismiss the former from the Madhu Koda government.

Mr Shahi, in a statement on July 24, commented that Mr Namdhari would be “sent back to Punjab after unknotting his turban”.

Agitated over the comment, a group of Sikh community took out a silent procession from Gurudwara to Raj Bhawan.

The procession comprised members from Gurudwara Guru Singh Sabha BJP MP Ajay Maroo, former BJP MLA Gulshan Azmani and senior Congress leader Roshan Lal Bhatia.

A memorandum, demanding the dismissal of the minister, was submitted at the Raj Bhawan.

Last evening, people from the Sikh community, shouting slogans against the minister, gathered at the Elbert Ekka Chowk and burnt his effigy.

The controversy arose after Mr Namdhari advised Mr Shahi to take a VRS since it was not given but taken only.

Mr Shahi had earlier reportedly said if the governmnt ”gives him VRS he will accept it”.

Reacting to Mr Namdhari’s advice, the state health minister said that he would contest from the former Assembly Speaker’s seat ensuring the latter’s defeat.

It was in this connection that Mr Shahi had allegedly uttered, ”Then Mr Namdhari would be sent back to Punjab after removing his turban.”

— UNI…ws&id=49499


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