Posted by: Singh Is King | Saturday, August 4, 2007

Akal Takhat shocked over court verdict in Beant murder case

akaltakht.jpg  Amritsar: Akal Takhat, the supreme temporal seat of the Sikhs, has expressed shock over the death sentence handed out to two of the six convicts in the murder of Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh.

“The court should not have neglected the sentiments of the convicts at the time of the incident,” the high priest of Akal Takhat, Jathedar Gyani Joginder Singh Vedanti said.

“The sentiments of the convicts were hurt due to the atrocities inflicted on Sikhs in Punajb after 1980,” he said.
Vedanti said, “Now we have strong expectations from the higher courts that at the time of decision, the sentiments and pysche of Sikh youth should be considered as in what circumstances they had committed such act.

“Affected Sikhs had no self interest but the youth committed such an act during the heat of the moment. So the court should have at least examined the previous circumstances before delivering the judgement” Vedanti said.

He said “1980 onwards Sikh community underwent atrocities and at that time authorities never bothered to examine the allegations slapped on Sikhs”.

After the infamous Operation Blue star in 1984 and attack on various other Sikh shrines, sentiments of Sikhs were badly hurt and nobody came forward to understand the feelings of Sikhs. But innocent Sikhs were killed inhumanly day by day, he said.

Jagtar Singh Hawara and Balwant Singh were today handed out death sentence while three others given life imprisonment by a special court in Chandigarh in the murder of Beant Singh in 1995.


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