Posted by: Singh Is King | Saturday, August 4, 2007

GOI Stooge Bitta Narrowly Escapes from Wrath of Panthic Activists

Chandigarh, Punjab – All eyes were set on the main gate of Burail Jail, anxiously awaiting the final verdict in the Beant Singh assassination case. Suddenly there was uproar, and an angry mob was seen charging towards the main gate of the jail.

Sensing news, lensmen ran towards the mob, trying to capture the images. They found that the crowd, comprising relatives and supporters of the accused, were trying to get hold of M S Bitta, president of All India Anti Terrorist Front, who was attempting to shield himself in a police jeep.

The high-voltage drama intensified as the mob surrounded the jeep, leaving no space for it to escape. To Bitta’s relief, the driver managed to get away with the vehicle largely intact, barring the broken glass. The mob, fuming with anger, kept chasing the vehicle till it could be seen.

Left: Relatives of Singhs chase Bitta, Right : Bitta being escorted by security forces out of harm’s way

It all started with an alleged ‘obnoxious’ gesture and a challenge allegedly held out by Bitta to the relatives of the convicts, to stop him from going till the main gate of the Jail. The relatives got agitated, as they had not been allowed to go till the main gate. Breaking the tight security ring and crossing the barricades, the mob kept chasing the vehicle until the situation was brought under control by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) K I P Singh, who took control on the driving seat and drove the jeep out of the jail premises through the rear gate, which is normally not opened.

“This is injustice. We are the relatives of those are to be awarded sentence. If we are denied entry to the main gate, who is Bitta to be given permission to go till the Jail,” questioned an angry Baljeet Kaur, Hawara’s sister. “He challenged us to stop him from going inside. We would have never reacted if he had not made such obnoxious gestures. How dare he do that,” cried another relative of the convicts.

The supporters, meanwhile, kept raising slogans of ‘Waheguru ka Khalsa, Waheguru ki fateh’ , even as the defence counsels emerged with the judgment. After having heard capital punishment for her brother Balwant, his sister had a blank expression. “We already knew that he will be awarded death sentence. We had no hopes from the Court,” said Kamaljeet Kaur.


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