Posted by: Singh Is King | Saturday, August 4, 2007

Now, Rs 6-lakh loan weighs on Naseeb’s mind

Jhingran Kalan (Kurali), August 1 – Naseeb Singh, the man who walked free after 12 years of imprisonment in the Beant Singh assassination case, wants to bury the past and start life afresh. He is now ready to fight another battle, repay the Rs 6-lakh loan his family had taken to contest his case.


“It’s been 12 long years and we had limited resources. We borrowed loan on odd interest rates from various commission agents (arthtiyas) of the village to see our father walk free with his head held high with dignity,” said his son Harmanjit Singh, who tends 7-acre family’s farm in the village.


Since Tuesday, villagers and relatives, have been frequent the house of Naseeb. “We always knew that Naseeb is innocent. A God-fearing person like him can never be involved in such a heinous crime,” said 75-year-old Bisheshar Singh, his childhood friend.


He recalled that the day Naseeb was taken into police custody, whole village got converted into a police cantonment.


“It had virtually become impossible even to go out of nature’s call. The police framed Naseeb and he ended up spending 12 golden years of his life for no fault of his,” Bisheshar added.


Naseeb’s 90-year-old mother died while he was in the jail. He had missed birth celebrations of his granddaughter, whom he dotes on. “I cannot make up for the last time. But, I am immensely thankful to Almighty for answering my prayers. I last came on parole on my daughter’s wedding in 1998.


“The village has changed, its demography has changed. But the love and affection of villagers has withstood vagaries of time. It is enough for me.”


He added that it was a kind of “tapasya” for his wife, who stood by him through thick and thin.


– Megha Mann
Tribune News Service


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