Posted by: Singh Is King | Saturday, August 4, 2007

Uk Sikh Protest Rally, 15th August 2007 [London, UK]

Wednesday 15 August outside the Indian High Commission in London from 2-4pm

Each year Sikhs protest outside the Indian High Commission in London on 15 August, which marks Indian Independence. This year marks the 60th anniversary of Sikh slavery and the plan was more Sikhs should protest this year.
Given recent developments:

– the continued detention of Simranjit Singh Mann and 20 others since 14 May

– the recent arrest of Daljit Singh Bittu for his role in the Khalsa Action Committee and protests against the Sirsa Dera chief, which remains a challenge to Sikhs; and most recently

– the sentencing this week of Jagtar Singh Hawara and Balwant Singh to death by hanging and life imprisonment for Shamsher Singh, Gurmeet Singh, and Lakhwinder Singh

it has been suggested their should be a much larger gathering and protest rally on Wednesday 15 August.

It would be good if around 10 coaches could be arranged from locations, such as, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, East London, Gravesend, Leicester, Slough, Southall, Wolverhampton etc. and minibuses from other locations such as Bedford, Bradford, Bristol, Leamington, Leeds, Luton, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton, Walsall, Wednesfield, Willenhall etc. Those in and around London will also be able to travel by public transport. This should ensure a protest rally of 600-800 Sikhs.

Please speak to the Management Committees at your local Gurdwara and put pressure on all Panthic organisations to ensure transport is arranged so there is a good turnout. Youngsters that often read such messages should pass the word around locally, via the internet and ensure announcements are made at Gurdwaras for the next two weeks. Given it is the Summer we must aim for a good mix including more youngsters, women and children.

Similar protests are likely to be taking place on 15 August in other countries like Canada, Germany, USA etc.

Sikhs from a number of European countries have also been in touch to ask the Sikh Federation (UK) to help co-ordinate a European-wide protest outside the European Commission in Brussels – national and European Parliaments are all closed in August. This is being planned on a different date, details will be released as soon as possible.

A small contingency from the UK will also make the trip, but Sikhs from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium etc. will be there in larger numbers – with coaches to be organised from these countries. The Sikh Federation (UK) is liaising with the EU External Affairs Commissioner so a co-ordinated written approach can be made to the Foreign Ministers of all 27 Member States of the European Union.


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