Posted by: Singh Is King | Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sikh protests match India Day parade.


Fremont: As a matter of convention now for many years, local Hindu community carries out in Fremont a parade on the occasion of Indian Independence Day, which is matched each year by a parallel protest collectively by the Gurdwara committees, Sikh organizations and the sangat. This time too, the local Sikh community had strongly urged the sangat to gather in large numbers for this parallel protest.The protest exhibited an aggressive edge this time, thanks to the provocation created by the Sirsa dera rape accused Gurmeet Ram Rahim who had tried to insult the entire Sikh quom by imitating Guru Gobind Singh Ji, thanks to the backing of the Congress govt at the Center and Akali-BJP-RSS regime in Punjab.

The Indian Independence is largely seen by the Sikh community as the independence for the majority community while the minorities, particularly the Sikhs, were deprived of a major historic opportunity to squeeze out of the vise grip of rulers. Firstly it were the British, and then the Indian brahmanical powers.

In the protest, the aircraft flying above was a special attraction as across it were blazoned the words: India Day–A Black Day For Minorities. Bhai Bhajan Singh Bhinder and Kulwant Singh Khehra had made special efforts for this.

The continued detention of Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann and Bhai Daljit Singh remained a major theme of the protest.


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