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Sikh recruitment drive for British Army.

Following a recent recruitment drive the number of Sikhs interested in being part of the army has risen and led to the first female Sikh army recruit.Perhaps we will see the formation of a Sikh Regiment in the UK. They could even use the colors retired at partition with battle honors.
Obviously such a Sikh regiment won’t be used against Sikhs.
As some of you know when I was questioned by the MTA during the disposition in my turban case as to whether an Indian army general with a insignia on his turban was a picture of a good Sikh that I replied that ”how could he be a good Sikh when that army killed tens of thousands of Sikhs? I still stand by that statement and Sikhs should begin to look outside India for military service.There are four Gurka regiments [recruited in Nepal] now paid just like other UK soldiers in the British Army. These soldiers are recruited directly from Nepal and do not have to live in the UK for five years before enlisting.

I’d bet that nearly many in the Sikh Regiment and the Sikh light infantry would go to the British army if given a chance.They were both regiments in the former British Indian forces.

Canada and the UK take full-formed Sikhs into their ranks.

Sikhs from Canada have served in Afghanistan and from the UK in Iraq.

The Afghan Sikh community is of great help to the British Special Air Service Regiment and USA Delta force for intelligence and reconnoitering.
They serve in an informal capacity with these armies.

HRH Prince Charles supports a Sikh regiment, as do many people in the UK.
Many Britons understand that Sikhs helped defend the world against Fascism in the British Empire’s forces despite Gandhi’s plea not to do so. The British Viceroy as many Indian officers know promised freedom two years after the end of WW2 for their service. The War ended in the Pacific on Aug
15 1945, India became independent on Aug 15 1947. Go figure. Many Sikhs felt their service was laying the groundwork for an independent India. See the BBC documentary for more on this.

The recent recruitment drive at was conducted Gurdwaras and other Sikh community locations the number of Sikhs interested in being part of the army has risen and led to the first female Sikh army recruit. This follows an old tradition of recruiting from certain communities. Col. Jackson sporting a Highland regiment tam helped with the recruitment drive.

The British army has many different forms of correct uniforms. Most regiments have distinct styles of uniforms as well as distinct traditions.
It is easy for the British army to fit Sikhs in with this mindset. The British Army is to be commended for this step.

Many Sikhs would be happy to continue our five hundred year tradition of fighting fundamentalist terrorism. The ideology of the fundamentalist terrorists such as Al Queda goes back to Islamic sects that held sway over India and resulted in the death of millions as well as the destruction of nearly all North Indian Holy places Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain. The Sikh Gurus and their disiciples fought and neutralized this fundamentalist movement.

Ahmed Sarhindi a Sufi fundamentalist Muslim who encouraged the murder of the Fifth Sikh Guru as well as the Emperor Aurangzeb who killed the Ninth Sikh Guru are all seen as heroes and teachers by fundamentalists.

Please see the video here.



  1. […] army to fit sikhs in with this mindset. the british Army is to be commended for this step. … History Press | History Books | The Sikhs in Britain: 150 Years of … … collections, show […]

  2. truely its of an immense pleasure to know that britishers are planning to raise an uk sikh army.i myself wants to be a part of that elite do i become a part of that organisation? please let me know.
    i am indian citizen & 25 years old.
    please respond to my mail.

    • you can join easily from commonwealth country.
      Ill give u detail info.. contact me on mail

  3. I recently viewed the movie “Partition” about the separation of Indian after WW11. The hero appears to be of the Sikh faith and in one scene he is shown with his army jacket from the WW11. The shoulder patch appears to be a black arrow pointing upward on a 45% angle. I am curious as to what regiment this was (if my observation about the arrow was correct). There was no other insignia on the patch.
    I enjoy military history and if anyone can help me in this matter I would appreciate it.


    Max Coole

  4. sikhs are dieing to sereve in the army – the mod – etc..

    sikhs simply do not just sit around wasting their lives, they are very proactive and seeking new ways to increase their mental and physical abilities.

    the sikhs need to make a gas mask which can be worn over a beard, and wear plasma memebrane teflon turbans instead of the hard hats.

    its a real shame, the sikhs feels truley british, furthermore can bring the universal concepts of the saint soldier to the army, yet their will to serve in the army is rendered.

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