Posted by: Singh Is King | Thursday, September 13, 2007

Indian court now wants Geeta as national scripture

Allahabad: In a nation which is largely ruun as a Hindu country with little regard to the minorities and the deprived sections, off and on the chinks in the intellectual armour deployed to keep this state of affairs intact show up. Now, the Allahabad High Court has said ‘Bhagwadgita’ is a national ‘Dharma Shastra’ of India and it was the duty of the state to recognise the text as ‘rashtriya dharma.’ It is the duty of every Indian citizen under article 51-A of the constitution to follow dharma propounded by ‘Bhagwadgita’, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, the ruling said. The ruling came from a judge just four days before he was to retire. Significantly, this same judge Justice S.N Srivastava had a few months earlier ruled that the Muslims in UP cannot be treated as a minority community. That ruling was stayed by a Division Bench the very next day after an uproar in the country but not a word was said to the judge.

This time, giving the ruling on a writ petition of one S.R Mukherjee, Srivastava said as India has recognised national flag, national bird, national anthem and national flower, the holy text may also be considered as national ‘dharma shastra’. The writ petition was by Gopal Thakur Mandir of Varanasi.


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