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New Sikh School Opening and Turbans in France.

Numerous difficulties were faced by the Sikh school going children in France, to attend their classes with Turban, for the last few years. The French Government passed a law during 2004, totally banning all the distinctive religious symbols in the schools. As a result some children removed their hair, some of them continued their studies by putting a small black Handkerchief or net on their top knot, and some of them were forced to abandon their studies as they were expelled due to the new rules.

The Sikhs residing in France continued the series of meetings started before the enactment of the new rules with French Prime Minister, Home Minister, Education Minister, Justice Minister, SENAT and National Assembly officials. Everyone assured of an amicable solution keeping Sikh community’s sentiments in mind. On one hand we were given false assurances and on the other hand the officials were cleverly shaping & executing their plans.

The Sikhs being the citizens of India approached the High officials of our Central & State Government for help, but unfortunately this also resulted into disappointment. We are still hopeful that our Government officials, political and religious leader will come to our rescue in our future efforts.

Therefore the Sikhs residing in France took the challenge to their national identity and dignity seriously and sincere efforts were made. It is God’s grace that a beautiful and grand building Complex has been purchased with a huge amount of money, which has been titled as “SHERE PUNJAB COMPLEXE”.

It will be appropriate to clarify that the small children can go to schools with a black net or Hanky and this rule does not apply to the universities as students from different countries join these institutions resulting into a great financial income. It’s very disgraceful for the children of 14-16 years of age to put a Hanky or net as they are approaching maturity. Therefore it was needed to establish a Higher Secondary School (Lycée) urgently.

It is a great pleasure to write that a written permission for this School has been granted by the French Government and a Non Profitable association has been registered. All the responsible persons are Volunteers and the Profit if any, will be utilized for the Academic future of our children. Even though no financial aid or help has been received from anyone till August 2007, it will be a great pleasure to clarify any doubt. The total estimated expenses including the salaries of Educational staff is approx. 3 lakhs of euros, which is a great challenge. It is only to run the school excluding the building cost.

The next project is to open a BTS equal to a college in India, where students can attend Medical, Non Medical and Arts Degree Courses to secure their future. The third one is for MBA in English Medium for the students from different countries, to avail better chances at world level. An Information centre shall also be established to guide the students. These projects are open to all religions, races and countries and shall serve the humanity without any discrimination to the religious belief or practice of an Individual. All these projects except Lycée will be Self Independent & shall be responsible for any loss or profit.

It is our sincere desire to constitute a Board of advisors from all countries, to carry on the administration in a better way. We shall solicit suggestions in writing and kind cooperation to fulfil this difficult task. It is therefore requested, to grace this occasion with your presence as per the attached invitation and programme.

Thanking You, Yours Sincerely

Gurdial Singh (president)

S. Gurdial Singh President « SHERE PUNJAB Complex » and other office bearers of Higher Secondary and Professional Education Cordially invite your honour to attend the inauguration of the « Lycée Cinq Etoiles » ( Five Star College)

On Saturday 15 September 2007
at 10. 30 AM religious ceremony / 2.30 PM Inauguration

Address : Lycée « Les Cinq Etoiles »,
82-86 rue de l’Etoile – 93 000 Bobigny (France)

Tel. : 01 48 32 75 51. Fax : 01 41 50 07 89. Mob : 06 16 29 52 00

E-mail :


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