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PLAYING CATS! Top police officer exposes India’s “national strategy” to fight terror

Ex-DGP Virk brings validates all accusations of Sikh Panth regarding fake encounters

PLAYING CATS! Top police officer exposes India's

CHANDIGARH: Rarely have Sardar Parkash Singh Badal done such remarkable service for the Sikh Panth in recent years, though the credit goes to him only by shameful default. Himself embroiled in serious corruption cases but now wriggling out by riding on the power of his own regime, his government arrested former Punjab Police chief S.S.Virk in a case of alleged corruption but in the process has opened the Indian central government’s cupboards bursting with skeletons from the years of militancy in Punjab.Virk was caught in a swoop by Badal’s Vigilance Bureau sleuths on Maharashtra Bhawan in Delhi and recovered from him were allegedly details of his property deals, his political activities in advising the Congress about electoral prospects in Punjab and much else, but it is what Virk himself revealed later which greatly interests the Sikh Panth.

Virk seems to have been deeply piqued by the allegations of harboring ‘Cats’, the renegade militants whom the police used in illegal manner to spot other militants and then kill them in fake encounters, later rewarding the ‘Cats’ with money or false identities, showing them as ‘dead’ in encounters and then rehabilitating them for future use. For the first time in life, he himself got the taste of a politician not on his side and spilled the beans about the entire concept of ‘Cats’. Virk was accused by the Akalis of harboring a particular ‘Cat’ called Sukhi who was exposed by the media as a man officially dead but in good books of Virk and company and good financial health.

Virk at that time had bluntly told the media that there were some 300 such ‘Cats’. The then CM Amarinder Singh had stoutly defended him on the floor of the Assembly, and when someone asked who was killed when Sukhi was alive, Amarinder had said that the police used to pour tomato ketchup on boys to show it as blood. The Punjab Assembly records clearly depict the CM having made the statement but the Indian nation has learnt to live with so much violation of human rights that it did not raise the hackles of civil society.

In custody, Virk has now made damning revelations, though the newspapers reporting it surprisingly fail to see the import of his remarks and reported the conversation in a deadpan straight faced manner.

Here is what The Tribune reported on September 12:

VIRK: “All officers during those times had their own sets of ‘Cats’.”

Clearly, Virk is telling us on record what militants were alleging throughout, that the police officers were outside the power of law and were keeping their own set of killers and spotters.

VIRK: “Cats are a reality…Sumedh Singh Saini is an erratic chap and now he has exposed the national strategy to fight terror.”

Read it again for the worth of the statement. Here is India’s decorated hero police officer still in service telling you that employing illegal ‘Cats’ and killing young men with their help in fake encounters was India’s “national strategy to fight terror”. Thankfully, at a time when the United States is leading a global war against terror, not a single soul in the US has ever advocated deployment of such tactics.

Why is no one asking India how it controlled “terror”? Simple, because India’s strategy was to have its own terror mechanism.

The Tribune also reported that Virk asked “the government to find the real identity of police inspector Gurmit Pinki. Also, who got him recruited in the police.” But the Indian media did not ask Virk what was stopping him to reveal the truth himself. Was some national interest being served by hiding the godfathers of beasts like Pinki, currently in jail for killing a young man in broad daylight because he took a few extra seconds in stepping aside to let Pinki’s jeep pass?

Here is classic Virk, the politician in a uniform: “I am paying the price of not being a turncoat as several others did and sided with SAD in the run-up to the elections.” Bravo, Mr Virk, for telling us that you stuck to the Congress of Amarinder Singh instead of turning a turncoat. This is exactly what we have been saying for years now. That the police officers in Punjab are henchmen of the politicians and belong to one or the other party and shift parties just like politicians. Thank you Mr Virk for informing us that everything being said about the police by civil society was correct. Just like Amarinder Singh, Badal too has his set of officers, and may be some may turn turncoats one day, but you have the distinction of putting things on record.

Read The Tribune report: “On keeping ‘cats’, Virk said, ‘Whatever I did was in line with my duty. I was a middle-level official and part of the system fighting militants while the policies were made by the seniors.”

Thank you, one again, Mr Virk. Since you were at the helm and for long years did not deny the credit for bringing the ‘Cats’ system into practice, you must be knowing the real decision makers. Under which Constitutional article were you duty-bound to accept illegal orders, illegal policies of the seniors, and what kind of a line of duty is using renegades to debunk all notions of civil society and legal functioning and instead kill young men in fake encounters by making them run in the fields and shooting from point blank range and sharing the rewards for such bravery?

“Everyone knows about those who have amassed wealth and those who have links with terrorists. I am not one of them.” Name them, Mr Virk. Each of us gets but one opportunity in life to be a hero. This is yours. Badal arrested you, quite possibly, because you were not a turncoat. You were genuine political reptile, clinging on to the bosses who ensured your ‘Cats’ free run and smoothened your gravy trail. Badal will have his own genuine 24-carat reptiles. It is we, the people, upon whom you both unleashed the cats. Have you heard of the mouse that roared?


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