Posted by: Singh Is King | Thursday, September 13, 2007

World Sikh Organization Supports Inclusive Public Education

OTTAWA, Sept. 11 /CNW Telbec/ – The World Sikh Organization of Canada
expresses support for the funding of faith-based schools that meet provincial
Presently, 53 000 Ontario students are enrolled in faith-based schools
but receive no support from their provincial government. At the same time
however, 650 000 Catholic students are enrolled in Ontario’s publicly funded
Catholic school system. The public funding of Catholic schools ensures that
Catholic parents have the right to choose what kind of education their
children will have. It is time that parents of other faiths are also given
this right.
The World Sikh Organization of Canada believes that non-Catholic,
faith-based schools in Ontario should be part of the public education system
in Ontario. At the same time, faith-based schools must be required to meet
provincial education standards, and accountability requirements. “This system
will ensure that faith-based schools continue to provide high-quality
education and allow their students to make a unique and important contribution
to Canadian society, ” said Gian Singh Sandhu, the Senior Policy Advisor for
the WSO.
WSO Canada President, Gurpreet Singh Bal said, “The funding of
faith-based schools in Ontario is a question of fairness, and improving the
quality of education. By bringing the 53,000 Ontario students who are
currently enrolled in non-Catholic, faith based schools, into the public
system, the government will ensure that all students in Ontario are receiving
the same high standard of education. A more inclusive public education system
is simply the right thing to do, to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are
provided with the best tools for success.”

For further information: Jasbeer Singh, Media Relations, (780) 457-3333,
Cell. (780) 235-6000,; Gian Singh Sandhu, (250) 305-2440,


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