Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

City Sikhs tone down wedding plans

New Delhi: A priest, Dhyan Singh Komal of the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara, was suspended from the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee for flouting the ban on lavish weddings.

With the wedding season just beginning, the DSGMC is monitoring the situation through all its members across the city. While the code came into effect from October 1, heads of gurdwaras and DSGMC members were bound by it from July 28, Singh said.While only the wedding season will show how far the moral code is executed, some families have already changed their wedding plans.

Harjinder Singh Khanna, who has an electrical goods business and is a member of the DSGMC, was holding his son’s baraat and the pre-wedding dinner at a farmhouse on the evening of November 17. After the committee’s order, Harjinder has now planned a simple affair on the morning of November 18. “I see a lot of sense in the moral code,” Singh said.

Committees comprising 11 members each have been set up in most of the 46 circles that the capital is divided into under the DSGPC to monitor the execution of the resolution. Also, 400-odd boards requesting people to follow the code will be put up at gurdwaras over the next few days.

The code has a six-point agenda. To begin with, it states that marriage ceremonies like the baraat should not be held at night. Pointing out that these days, there are too many functions surrounding the wedding — the sagan, cocktails, the reception — the committee resolved that these should be restricted to a simple wedding ceremony to be held in the gurdwara only and that too preferably, before noon. A day’s wedding is what the code asserts upon, minus liquor and non-vegetarian food.

At the most, a family can hold one more function besides the wedding.

The code also calls upon families to avoid going to weddings which flout the morally binding norms.

The DSGMC had on July 28, after a meeting with heads of about 173 Singh Sabhas from across Delhi, set out the moral code by way of a resolution for the way a Sikh wedding should feel and look minus ostentation. There are over 300 Singh Sabhas in Delhi.

The DSGPC justifies a “simple wedding” as an attempt to curtail the rise in cases of dowry harassment and female foeticide. While committee president Paramjit Singh Sarna said families would only be persuaded to follow the code, he clarified that those flouting the norms would not get a marriage certificate from the gurdwara. Those who organized baraats in the evening would not be allowed to marry in the gurdwara while members of the gurdwara committee would boycott the wedding, he said.


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