Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jakara Sikh Children’s Camp


October 13, 2007 will mark a historic occasion for the Sikh Diaspora in California. Quietly in eleven cities throughout California, almost 1200 Sikh youth will attend “ONE NISHAN SAHIB | ONE SIKH NATION: On the Path to Building Begampura” Sikh Children’s Camp hosted by the Jakara Movement. With a support staff of almost 300 volunteers, Sikhs in Bakersfield, Buena Park (Orange County), Fresno, Livingston, Pittsburgh (Bay Area), Sacramento, San Jose, Stockton, Turlock, Vermont (Los Angeles), and Yuba City will come together to recommit to the spirit of the Gurus and end casteism.

Hoping to address community concerns such as caste-based discrimination and ending caste practices amongst Sikhs, a host of workshops will seek to engage young Sikh youth to recommit to the values of the oneness of mankind.  The spirit of langar, the Khalsa, the Akal Takht, and even Guru Gobind Singh’s warning against his Sikhs following ‘bipran ki reet’ will be used to awaken the Sikh youth to this problem that still plagues the Sikh community and find new solutions to create greater unity and harmony within  the Sikh Nation.

The youth will sing songs that instill pride as young Singhs and Kaurs, learn about the great lives of those great heroes such as Bhagat Ravidas and Giani Ditt Singh that fought for equality, and have other fun and educational activities.  The theme shabad is ‘Begampura Sahar Ka Nao’ by Bhagat Ravidas and the students will learn how we can ‘Build Begampura’ in our own lifetime.  It is not too late to register, please bring your child to the hosting Gurdwara.

Visit for the list of eleven Gurdwaras.  Or if you still wish to volunteer, please call your regional Sevadar that can be found on the website.  For any additional questions, visit or call 1-888-JAKARA-1 (1-888-525-2721).


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