Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the right track

Jeevanjeet SinghChandigarh: A swanky car with one-touch control windscreen wipers, a motorbike with remote reservoir shock absorber and a bicycle with 26 gears and hydraulic brakes. Bi-cycle? Yes, you heard it right — a bike, bicycle or cycle (as you may call it) is the latest fancy machine behind the adrenalin rush. Stylish, packed with innumerable features and pricey (running in thousands), city cyclists on these wonder machines are all geared to re-invent the cycling culture here. We catch up with some of the riders on the accelerating wheels.

Thirty two-year-old Jeevanjeet Singh’s passion for bicycles speaks in numbers. “Each year, I would coax my parents to buy me one for my birthday,” he recalls. Today, he rides a Firefox-Bad Attitude, his 15th bicycle. Nothing short of a dream come true, the stunt bike with a stronger aluminum double wall wheel is worth each penny spent. It cost him around Rs 10,000, but it did not end there, for Jeevan spent a lot more to customise it. It boasts of modified front suspension fox, cranks, handle bars, stems, hydraulic brakes and gears. And besides riding for an hour to his workplace, Jeevan spends a lot of time performing stunts on the bike. “Drops, jumps and bunny hops, the bike lets you do it all,” he says. And, his modified mean machine allows him to perform an 18 feet drop as well.


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