Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Punjabi youth murdered in mysterious circumstances

Fremont: Police are working on many aspects in its effort to untangle the mystery behind the murder of Malkit Singh Jheeta , the 35 year old youth who was murdered a few days back. Jheeta was missing since last Tuesday and hailed from Shahkot village of Jalandhar. His body was recovered from his new BMW vehicle. It is learnt that a kin woman of Jheeta had informed the police and a report was registered but while the police kept on looking for him, no clue was available. Later it was found that a BMW parked near his own house was not searched. On Friday when some of the Jheeta’s relatives went to his house, they saw the blood dripping from the car parked on the Rocklin Drive. The police have taken the car into its custody.Union City Police’s representative has said that the body has been recovered from the car. He did not say Jheeta was murdered with what weapon. He said any details will be given out only after the preliminary investigations were over. It is said that after murdering Malkit with sharp edged weapons, the body was put in the car and the car shut.

Some more details have been emerging during this while. He was seen washing the pick-up at 2 pm on Saturday. The same day at 8:25 evening, he spoke to his fiancée Rajni in Jalandhar on the phone. From his conversation, it was estimated that he was heading towards Stockton. Rajni said that he had along conversation at the end of which he said he will call again after two days, a sort of norm for him. Malkit used to go to Stockton every weekend to meet his son, and he did not use to call Rajni for these two days.

Of course he used to call his work colleague every Sunday evening around 9:30 to talk about Monday’s job but this time neither he called, nor did he pick up the phone. That person on Monday went to Manjit’s house himself to talk about the work but the house was locked.   The BMW was parked on the sidewalk. He noticed that the car was neither inside nor outside the garage and was instead parked at this queer place. He did not pay much attention and returned. He also claimed to have seen a white pick-up making repeated rounds of the place. Later the police claimed the body from the car. It is said that he had been shot through the head.

Malkit had come to the United States in 1992 and in a short while had established his business of millions of dollars in Stockton and Union City . He was the father of a seven year old son but had divorced from his wife Rajwant Kaur Panesar some three years earlier. She now lives with her son in Stockton.

Malkit’s brother Manjit Singh who lives in Spain has told on phone that they got the news about death of Malkit on Friday. His father Balbir Singh said that Malkit had returned to the US only 15 days earlier from India.


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