Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sikh taxi driver shot; robbery suspected motive

SAN FRANCISCO: A young Sikh taxi driver was shot at several times near the Golden Gate Park Sunday morning. Twenty five years old Hariqbal Singh of South San Francisco was waiting to pick up a fare when two men approached him on the driver’s side of his car around 5 am on the corner of 24th Avenue and Lincoln Way, San Francisco police Lt. Mike Caplan said. One of the men then pulled out what appeared to be a revolver from his front waist pocket and showed it to Singh, Caplan said. Singh tried to speed off but one of the men fired at him “numerous times” as he drove away, Caplan said. One shot traveled thorough the driver’s side seat and struck Singh in the back, he said.
He then drove eastbound down Lincoln Way and south on 26th Avenue before meeting with paramedics, who took him to San Francisco General Hospital. One of Singh’s fellow drivers at Town Taxi went to visit him in the hospital Sunday, Town Taxi dispatcher Fadiano Michels said. That driver said Singh would be released by Sunday afternoon, Michels said.
Singh, who was alone in his taxi at the time, was not robbed.
“It might have been an attempted robbery, but he didn’t stick around to find out,” Caplan said. The taxi’s passenger-side rear window was also broken. “We don’t know if it was a passenger or if this was somebody who tried to rob him or somebody walking on the street,” Michels said. “The information that I have right now is that he seems to be OK.”
No arrests were made yet. The first suspect was described as a 19-to 20-year-old black man wearing a black hat, jacket and jeans. The other suspect was a black man of an unknown age wearing all black clothing, according to the police.


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