Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sikhs demand direct corridor to Narowal

kartarpursahib.jpg A Sikh delegation led by Human Rights Society East Punjab President Sardar Harpal Singh Bhullar will meet Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and demanded the opening of a two-kilometre-long direct corridor from India to Gurdawara Kartarpur Sahib, Narowal.

Indian Sikhs have been demanding that their government open the direct corridor from India to Gurdawara Kartarpur Sahib.Harpal Singh first raised the issue in 1999 when he and other Sikh leaders met the then Indian premier, asking him to open the direct corridor. The then Pakistani government agreed to facilitate the opening of the corridor if India agreed to the same.

A Sikh delegation also met Indian Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Prakash Singh Badal last week and asked him to raise the issue with the central government.

Harpal Singh told Daily Times via telephone from Ferozepur that he would meet the CM again to press him to discuss the issue with the central government. Calling the Pakistani government’s assent to the project a “most friendly step”, he said he was unable to understand why the Indian government was reluctant to open the corridor.

He called for removing misunderstanding between both governments to “avoid politics hampering the pilgrimage”. Harpal Singh’s son Jagjit Bhullar, who is currently visiting Pakistan to attend the death anniversary of Sikhism founder Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee, said it was a longstanding demand of Indian Sikh pilgrims to have a direct corridor to the gurdawara.

Information on Katarpur Sahib

This is the historical place where Jagat Guru Nanak Ji departed from this world on 23rd Assu, Samvat 1596 (22nd Sept. 1529 AD). It is also called Dera Nanak Baba. Dera Sahib railway station, on Lahore-Narowal section, serves this place. The Shrine is located by the River Ravi within a distance of four kilometers from the railway station.

The present building was built at a cost of Rs.1,35,600, donated by Sardar Popindar Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala. It was repaired by the Govt of Pakistan in 1995 incurring expenditure in lacs of rupees. It has a spacious and beautiful building. Its location beside a forest and river Ravi makes its care difficult.


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