Posted by: Singh Is King | Sunday, November 4, 2007

British Sikh Girl Talks About Predatory Muslim Males

During a BBC asian network debate and phone-in about alleged underhand tactics of some muslim males trying to convert non-muslim girls to islam.

A young non-practising Sikh girl phones in and talks about her experience of being befriended, sexually harressed, her faith abused and finally pressuried into converting into Islam. Although she refused even though she was being blackmailed because her boyfriend at the time had taken intimate photos of her and had threatened to show them to her parents if she had did not leave home and convert.

View more cases of some devious British Pakistani Muslims males who target non-muslim white girls for sexual grooming, abuse and conversion to islam.…

Sikh girls wake up. Any relationship outside the Sikh faith is strictly forbidden, remember the sacrifices the couragous mothers of Sikhism made the in the past. You want to spit on their memory? you want to dishonour the memory of of these great souls. you want to bring lose your self respect and respect of your family?
No then learn your Sikh religion, a jewel of light amoung the pollutants of this materialistic world.

Want to be respected as a woman, as a sister in faith? modesty and family values are the mandetory in Sikhism!

Want love and affection? The scriptures state that the Sikh woman is considered to have the same soul as man, and an equal right to grow spiritually.

The Sikh woman is allowed to lead religious congregations, to take part in the Akhand Path (the continuous recitation of the Holy Scriptures) and to participate in religious, cultural, social and secular activities. According to Sikhism, man and woman are two sides of the same coin of the human race. Man takes birth from a woman, and woman is born of a man. This system is interrelating and inter-dependent. Sikhism believes that man can never feel secure and complete in life without a woman: a man’s success depends upon the love and support of the woman who shares her life with him, and vice versa.



  1. Abuse of Sikh girl in UK by muslim man

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