Posted by: Singh Is King | Sunday, November 4, 2007

City of djinns: A photo essay by Jagmohan Singh

ImageFor the Sikh, Delhi is indeed a ‘city of djinns’, as labelled by noted writer William Dalrymple.

This city be headed the ninth master, Guru Teg Bhadur Sahib. Power centres in Delhi have invariably legislated against the aspirations of the Sikh people.

These pictures speak for themselves. On the streets of Delhi the lumpens and leaders of India hunted the Sikhs. The burning tyres around the neck of a hapless victim was the key weapon with full support of the police and administration.

Most of these pictures are from Connaught Place and Lutyens road- two areas where the crème de la crème of Delhi live and is supposedly a high security zone. ‘Security, for whome? The people? The killer?

Once upon a time Connaught Place belonged to the Sikhs. Since November 1984 happened, ‘Connaught Place’ has been renamed ‘Rajeev Chowk’. I some times wonder that in a sinister way, it is correc that it has been so named.

Next time, when you are in Delhi and you happened to go to CP, nay, Rajiv Chowk remember that it was he who may the first clarion call to decimate Sikhs in Delhi and across the country. History will soon record how this scion of the Gandhi family masterminded the carnage. 


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