Posted by: Singh Is King | Sunday, November 4, 2007

Religious communities in Southall demand ban on RSS in UK

ImageSOUTHALL: At a human rights conference in Southall on October 27, a number of communities came together as a front against Hindutva terrorism backed by organisations like the RSS in India. Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh  community leaders included Lord Nazir Ahmed, Avtar Singh Sanghra(Babbar), Tarsem singh (British Sikh council), Gurcharan Singh (Dal Khalsa), Manmohan Singh Khalsa (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Nazar Lodhi (World Muslim Sikh Federation), Sonil (Buddhist community India), Dr Mokel Hazaraka (Assam watch) Hindu community leader, Amdad Husain (Star News) and  Adran Chada (British Muslim Youth Federation UK).
All the leaders collectively wanted a ban on the RSS and said there was certainly no place for such an organisation in the UK which stood for human rights and tolerance for all communities. In the light of the increased activities of the RSS in the United Kingdom in gathering funds, political backing and spreading their hate ideology, the World Muslim Sikh Federation has created a Petition to urge Prime Minister Gordon Brown to ban the group, freeze its assets and its funding.

What is RSS?

The RSS is an Extremist Hindu Organisation, which believes that only Hindus should reside within India. They wish to create a Hindu Super State of Hinduvta Hindu-Hindi-Hindustan, there is no place for minorities. The RSS had a major hand in the Muslim Genocide in Gujarat, one of the main RSS leaders Narendra Modi was banned from entering the USA. The RSS has been actively been trying to distort Sikh history, saffronising history and school text books and claims that all who reside in India are part of the Hindu ‘Family’. In order to tackle the RSS from its roots, its funding has to be banned, and assets frozen within the United Kingdom.

The RSS also influences the policies of every single political party in India, may it be Congress, BJP and so on. The RSS has recently increased its activities within the UK against Sikhs and other groups, such as Muslims. By creating tension between Sikhs and Muslims for no apparent reason, they have also tried to divide these two communities from within by causing internal conflict.

As citizens of the U, we all have the right to live peacefully and worship in whatever way we choose fit. We cannot have a group like the RSS which takes its direct inspiration from Nazi Germany and Hitler. The UK prides itself on human rights and equality. “It is the responsibility of us all here today to make sure we try our best to get this group banned as a proscribed group under the Home office, and to get its funding stopped,” the conclave concluded.


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