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Sikh Giving’s participation in 2007 Guru Nanak Walk and Marathon


Sikh Giving’s Participant near winning line.

FREMONT, California – Sikh Sports Association of USA held its first annual Guru Nanak Walk and Marathon for world peace on Nov 18th in Fremont, Northern California. Sikh Sports awarded winners with $7200 in total money prizes, certificate of achievement and trophies.

Lake Elizabeth in Fremont’s central park, the largest park in Fremont is a perfect place for runners with course of a 2 mile distance around the lake. The clear, crisp weather in the Bay Area, multi corporate area of Alameda County were a perfect day and a place for a thousand attendees.

This event is first ever of its kind held by Sikh Community in Open Public to spread the world peace message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji (founder of Sikh Religion, World 5th largest)SikhGiving, a NPO from Stockton, CA in service of human race participated with 8 runners and volunteers serving free Gatorade Drinks and Social Awareness. Satinderpal Singh, a 14 year old runner from Stockton participated in the 13 miles Marathon for SikhGiving and finished at 1hr 30mins holding 4th place. He was the second place winner in 2 miles race for his age group. Another volunteer Jaberjang Singh also from Stockton was the third place winner in 2 miles race for his age group.

There were 150+ participants for both 2 miles race and 13 miles Marathon. The Marathon Time Breaker Ranvir Singh 20 year old from Fremont completed at 1hr 16mins for his age group (10-30) and was close to National Level Marathon Time Record. He also finished California State Marathon at 5th position a few months back.


SikhGiving Gatorade Booth.

The most emotionally charged moment of the event was generated by the youngest Marathoner Surjeet Singh aged 12, and Parminder Singh who won the first place in the 31-50yrs age group ran first time in his life. Marathoner Heather (first place women age group 31-50) came from as far as Boston, MA and Jennifer (second place women age group 31-50) also came from as far as Raleigh, NC were excited to participate in Marathon held by Bay Area Sikhs.

“Everyone will remember their first marathon,” explained SikhGiving director Satnam Singh. “It’s a huge accomplishment in your life. And once you cross that finish line you’re a marathoner.”

Other Pictures

Jasbir Kaur and Ajaypal Singh running for under 15 2 mile race.

SP Singh after finishing 1 miles.



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