Posted by: Niskaam Sewa Group | Wednesday, December 26, 2007

NSCG EID picnic day

Nishkaam sewa celebrated EID day picnic here some pic.









  1. Gur fathe to all ……..

    Awesome pics….i hope kids…realise this golden oppurnities …and make more and more outing ..

    some old memories to cherish …

    keep up the good work ….

    (Its not life that matters its courage you bring to it )

  2. Luv it hope to seeeee more of these picz.

  3. Nice pictures that remind us of the pleasant time we enjoyed together during the Picnic. The Pictures from The Gurpurab also are very nice memories.
    Keep posting more pictures as they remind us and our children of the need to stay and enjoy each others company especially in Gur-Sat-Sangat.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  4. very nice pics and enjoyable moments and a gr88 picnic followed by many ppl and parents thnx to them and u for the gr88 pics u havin your website really a

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