Posted by: Singh Is King | Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stories of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji



  1. good clip but it cannot be called a video because u simply run diffrent picture slides and couple them with narration.
    there is a fundamental question posed because we have this stupid obession that the Guru cannot be depicted by any indivual/actor. the basis of which makes no sense, because if that is right then the pictoral presentation in this clip offends against the same rule.
    at least the muslims are consitent in that no picture of any kind is allowed of mohammed.
    ours is a forward thinking religion but sadly in morden times we have taken it back to the stone ages by virtue of idol worship, pilgramages, bathing in ‘holy water’ at Amritsar [incidently all of that water was changed due to dangerous levels of pollution] and this stupid ignorant notion that no one can depict the guru.
    so please dont insult our inteligence by daring not to produce a proper video.
    by thye way Singh is NOT king. SINGH is BETTER than king.

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