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How to do Simran??

There is a Que which i found in a forum

When reciting the name Vaheguru with my eyes closed i always try to keep my mind focused on a certain image or scene to stop my mind wondering. Mostly i always recite it by keeping Guru Ji’s picture in my mind. But my mind wondered and i began to think how do i meditate with a image of Vaheguru, i tried so hard but i could’nt think of a certain image to prefer Akal Purakh himself.

And the best Answer given to this Question is

Tun Meh Tian, Tian Meh Jania, Gurmukh Akaath Kahani

(Tun) means sound (Tian) means concentration.

So our guruji tells us to concentrate our mind (Tian) on the sound (Tun). When you are saying Vaheguroo, concentrate on the sound of your own voice saying the shabad “Vaheguroo”.

Do not create images/pictues/photos in your mind, that is just another thought and it is Maya. You do not want to concentrate on Maya. Our guru is shabad guru and that is what you need to concentrate on.

For Kharku it will take time for the mind to settle down and start concentrating it has taken me a many months to settle the mind engough to sit for a few hours and do simran.

There is no intermediate stage for this where as a beginner, you visualise pictures. Everyone’s mind wonders !! Its with efforts and Kirpa from the Vaheguru when things will start to change, and your love for doing Simran will increase like no ones business.

I think this is the best way to do the simran.

If you know a better way to do simran then pl. share with everyone.



  1. hi

  2. brother i am really confused i have read holy wording of shri guru arjun dev ji
    PATH PARIO AUR VED VICHARIO NIULI BHIANGAM SADHE,PANCH JANA SION SANG NA CHHUTE ADIK AHANBUD BADHE,IN BIDH MILAN NA JAI PYRE MAIN KITE,HAR PARIO SWAMI KE DUWARE DIJE BUDH VIVEKA it mean guru said that he did plenty of path and study the vedas and some other actions like having shower in cold water but this thing only give ego to him,finally he came to the door of swami and pray to him for wisdom,can you tell me plz who is that swami

  3. holy gurbani and pita shri guru gobind singh ji maharaj give us the messege of love SACH KAHON SUN LEHO SABHE JIN PREM KIO TIN HI PRAB PAEO or JIN PREM KHELEN KA CHAO SIR DHAR TALI GALI MORI AAO ,IT MARG PER DHRIJE SIR DIJE KAN NA KIJE which path guru shown us the path of love he said if you keen to meet me then do love to the sikh people like Balwant Singh Nandgarh or sant Baljit Singh Dadu leading us the same way which one guru expected from us

  4. i heared da satsang preached by sant ranjit singh ji dhadhrian wale who said ‘today is so crowded in temple but tomorrow would be for five persons it shows that you love sanits more than guru sahib: but holy gurbani teach us SAT PURKH KI AARSI SANTO KI HAI DEH,LAKHNA JO CHAHE ALKH KO INHI MEIN KAKH LEH means the body of true saint is a mirror if someone want to see god he/she must see this mirror.SANTO KO MAT KOI NINDO SANT RAM HAI EKO r we going in same direction which one holy gurbani pointing us plz reply

    • What is the meaning of sant?????

      is it represent a persnon????

  5. what does this word mean?

  6. I am not sure but i will share what i think it means. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sit still like a rock, meditation could mean sitting the mind still. You can go about whatever you are doing a normal life in a normal day but as an observer and do your actions with no ego participation. So its a still mind focused on the primal sound of the creator G*D and focus on breathing while doing whatever you do. I believe even the worst job one has will feel like its holy since your soul is connected or trying to connect to your creator.

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