Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sikh Poster – To Educate and Inspire

I found some good poster on Sikhi, which i would like to share with everybody. These poster are very Educative and Inspiring. For big pictures click on the poster or its heading.

And this is what the source site of these posters says about them:

The objective of this project is to educate and inspire the reader through these posters. A great deal of research is done on each topic to ensure accuracy of the presented information.

3 Pillars of Sikhism

A Visitor From Rome

Battle of Saragarhi

Bhai Kanhaiya

Bhai Mani Singh

Our Children, Our Future

Empty Rituals

Father and Son

Gurbani meant to be Applied

Guru Nanak the Explorer

Heaven and Hell

The Khanda


What others have to say

What others have to say – 2

Promises Broken

Religious Fasting

Sacrifices Made

Sikh Women

Sikh Marriage

Sikhs in world wars

Travels of Guru Nanak

Uniqueness of

Universal Appeal

Victoria Cross


For the printing these poster ccheck this website



  1. This is really really great one. very important information for all.

  2. thats it, man

  3. thanks for giving knowledge to all the persons who are unaware of it……
    Thnx again….

  4. Many thanks for giving knowledge & spreading the ture value of sikhism.


  5. Sat sri akaal ji.

    A great resource to pass along to friends and family.

    Thank you!

  6. wjkk wjkf

    this is soo good for resarch on sikh history

    im sure i can use this information on our stall to give information to childrens

    thnak you very much for all this

    wjkk wjkf

  7. Sat Shri akal,

    Excellent job and great work for Sikh community.
    May Wahiguru give you more sewa.

    Thank you,


  8. very good site

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