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Ganga Sagar – A Sacred Gift by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Rai Kalha

Ganga SagarIn 1705 Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji went to Machiwala after leaving Anandpur Sahib. During those severe hardship days some Rajas refused even to offer help to Guru Sahib due to the fear of death as Aurangazeb was after the life of Guru Sahib and his family. When Guru Sahib reached Raikot state, the Muslim Chief Rai Kalha welcomed him and felt honored in offering his servicesto Guru Sahib as his guest for as long as he wanted to stay. Guru Ji spent a few days with Rai Kahla.

It was in Raikot that Guru Sahib got the most tragic news of the death of his two minor sons and his mother. The news was brought from Sarhind by Noora Mahi who deputed by Rai Kalha of the seva of Guru Sahib.
Guru Sahib during his stay asked Noora Mahi to serve him milk in Ganga Sagar (a vessle) having 288 holes which was part and parcel of his person belongings. Noora Mahi said that his buffalo did not give milk and even if it did, the milk will not stay in Ganga Sagar as it had holes in it. Guru Sahib told him to utter the name of God and start milking the buffalo. To the surprise and amazement of Noora Mahi, the buffalo gave milk and it did not leak out from the Ganga Sagar.

Ganga SagarBefore leaving Raikot, in recognition and appreciation of the services and hospitality extended by Rai Kalha, a Muslim Chief, who risked his own and his family’ lives, Guru Gobind Singh Ji presented Ganga Sagar, a sword and a Real to Rai Kalha as personal gifts.

Till 1947 the Ganga Sagar was displayed by Khan Bahadur Rai Inayat Khan for darshan by sangat who use to walk bare-footed from Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib in Raikot, Distt. Ludhian(Punjab) India.

The present owner of Ganga Sagar is Rai Azizzulah Khan (the 9th generation descendant of Rai Kalha III), a grandson of Khan Bahadur Rai Inayat Khan and the heir of the Rai family who have kept his sacred gift of Guru Gobin Singh Ji with great respect and care for almost 300 years.



  1. satshriakal ji. can you tell me is the ganga sagar ever been to england before for sikh sagaat to do darshaan of it?

    • Ganga Sagar is kep in the bank by a fellow Muslim. Ganga Sagar was given to a Muslim family as a gift for their seve. The family still has Ganga Sagar and they go to different Gurdwaras around the world so that Sangat do darshan. We had the Man come over to our Gurdwara this week and we were fortunate enough to do darsha of the Sagar. The man told all of the histroy of the sagar and how and why guru ji gave it to the family. REALLY INTERESTING

      • wkwf……jagdeep singh main manpreet from sydney….ki tuhanu pta ke guru gobind singh ji ne ehe ganga sagar muslim family nu kyon dita c…..if u know can u tell me plz…coz i really want to know about d histroy …plz..wkwf

  2. I have searched it on the Internet but didn’t found any news of Ganga Sagar being taken to England

    • it stays in london.

  3. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa m Waheguru Ji ki fateh, Yes u r right , ganga sagar has been taken to England for darshan. I know this because I did Darshan today ay Sydney and rai Sahib who is the owner told taht it was taken to England in 2002.

  4. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa m Waheguru Ji ki fateh, Yes u r right , ganga sagar has been taken to England for darshan. I know this because I did Darshan today ay Sydney and rai Sahib who is the owner told taht it was taken to England in 2002. and was also taken to India by him , Rai family is in Pakistan.

  5. And Guru Gobind Singh has given ganga Sagar, Khanda and a wooden stand to read book to rai khalka, All this info was given By Rai Sahib in Public speech at gurudwara Revesby , Sydney toady and because Ganga sagar has holes in it, if you put in sand it will flow but if you will put in water or milk it will stay in it.

  6. Sorry People for the info above, reconfirmed about the Ganga Sagar going to England, it was taken in 1994 not in 2002 and was taken to India in 2004 on the occasion of 300 years of Shaeediof Sahibzaidas.

  7. Hey Arvinder, I just read ur resonposes above n seems like u r from sydney..I know dis has nothing to do with this topic, but I’m really lost. I’m new to Sydney..came here for university. I really want to go to gurudwara. I used to go every Sunday when I was back home in Thailand. However, now I’ve no idea where is the gurudwara around here. I live in Marsfield..near Epping. If you can help me out, it’ll be great!!
    Thank you.

    PS: In Thailand, they are having a march/parade walk this week…do we have it here in Sydney as well?

  8. hey shubleen, ya lookin 4 gurdwara in sydney? Yes, there iz one in glenwood, blacktown area. Hope that answer ur question.

    Take care, enjoy ur stay in sydney all d best in ur studies aswel.

  9. Hi Shubleen,
    One Gurdwara is in Glenwood known as Parklea, Near Blacktown. U can catch the train from Epping to Blacktown (change at Strathfield) and Catch the bus from Blacktown that drops u near the Parklea Gurdwara.

  10. Hi Arvinder,
    As Rai Sahib said in their speech Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave their forefathers three things:

    1. Ganga Sagar
    2. Sowrd (Not Khanda) and
    3. Rehal: A wodden Stand to read the religious

  11. Rai Sahib Says it Khanda, but on the pamplet that is available at Gurudwara Sahib Revesby – It says Sword, I guess Rai Sahib Says Uses word Khanda for Sword.

  12. SSA Shubleen , There is another Gurudwara Sahib at Revesby. 14 River Rd Revesby.

  13. SSA . I came to know that Ganga Sagar was taken to Malaysia also and there they poured water in it . The miracle happened and water did not spill over .

    Is anybody aware of other miracles like this in my religion?

  14. Where is the ganga sagar kept ?Where does the family that owns it, live?

    • the Rai family live in pakistan who kept and save ganga sagar from goru gobind singh. in City kamalia pakistan, for further enquirey

    • I saw it today in California and I was told by Mr. Khan that he keeps the Ganga Sagar in London.

  15. ganga sagar is n toronto today, family who has ganga sagar lives n pakistan, tomorrow we r going have darshan n malton gurughar..

  16. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa m Waheguru Ji ki fateh
    does anybody know where it will be going over the next few days in Ontario?

  17. Ganga Sagar is Going to Montreal on Sat. 10 jan,2009 and sunday at Ottawa and coming back to brampton on monday morning and then going back to Vancouver with Rai Aziz Ullah Khan.

    For more Info: Call H.Thind @ 416 471 7253

  18. i want this in punjabi

  19. hi can you tell me where in brampton is ganga sagar coming monday morning jan,12,2009 can you give me the address please thank you.

  20. i am so excited the ganga sagar is coming to new york. this will be a great nagar kirtan for everyone!! or im not sure if it is but if it is can you please tell me when and where because my dad just told me it might not. so im confused!!

  21. Rai Aziz is tellinh a lie, that he is the only decendant of Ganga sagar, there are many others, he is not telling actualyy he stole the ganga sagar and sole it, other genration of rai family lived in kamalia,

  22. i got good view of ganga sagar being displayed on a truck with its muslim owner.grt feelings.ravi

  23. It is really great honour to see the gift from Guru Gobind Sahib. Rai family is really Blessed.
    I took pictures and took pictures with the owner MP from Pakistan at gurudwara in Gresham Oregon. My Thanks to Brar Sahib and Atwal family who made it possible.
    Tarsem Moudgil

  24. Does any one has the contact information of Rai Azizzulah Khan. Any email adress or any other contact info.

  25. guru kripa

  26. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ki fathe, khalsa jio i m frm india punjab
    mainu tohadi eh koshish bahut hi wadia hai ghato ghat koi tan hai jo sikhan nu ek
    stage te lai k auna chaunda hai.
    tohada teh dilon dhanwad . keep it on .may be sadi sharomani commete nu koi
    sharm he a jave,
    rab rakha, tohada ek chota jiha parsanshak
    jimmy galibia

  27. today GANGA SAGAR in vicenza

  28. hy

  29. Hello I m Rana Nasir from Pakistan . I m a manj Rajput as Rai Aziz Ullah was , I read about thr Ganga Sagar , it was interesting to know that the Ganga Sahar remained with a person who belonged to our family . Is it possible for u to provide me the family tree of Rai Dulsi Das from Rawal Jaisal singh . I do think that anscorters of Mahraja Ranjeet singh were Bhatti Rajputs . Do u ve any family lineage from Rawal Jaisal to Rai Tulsi Das to Rai Azizullah ?

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