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Animated film on Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Movie

Toronto: Punjabi history has now been recreated in the animated hour long movie, ‘Maharaja – the story of Ranjit Singh. . Directed by Amarjit Virdi – an enthusiastic historian- and created by Mustard Fields, in association with Finelines, the animation hopes to reach out to young children and people everywhere.

The film portrays Maharaja Ranjit Singh from childhood to his days of brave soldiery that contributed enormously to Punjab. It depicts Ranjit Singh’s fearless acts as he defeats his enemies and unites the Sikhs by producing the Khalsa rule. “I’ve made this film for the new generation without distorting the fearless and self-respecting character of Punjabis,” says Amarjit Virdi. 
 The film took two years to create, extensive research, many drawings and a team of 15 individuals. “The animation filmmaking is a tiring process. But it brings you pleasure when you see the lines taking the shapes of characters,” tells Amarjit. He wants to show young kids that there is more to the Punjabi culture than what is shown in modern day movies and TV shows. He has directed two other animated movies entitled “Sahibzadey” and “The Rise of Khalsa,” and believes animation is the perfect medium to use to teach children about the bravery and true essence of Punjabis.

It is important to Amarjit that Sikh children learn to relate to their heritage and roots because the connection is quickly fading. The voice over of Ranjit Singh is done by Gurpreet Ghuggi, others include Rocky Bhardwaj and Gick Grewal. Singers which have contributed to the film include Sardool Sikander and Amar Noori.



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  2. its very nice to know that there is movie on maharaja ranjit singh’s life..sir, i want it for kids kindly mail me if u have it MP3 or video at my ID

  3. do u know any web sites where i can download the movie

  4. gurfateh !! to all…. wen is this movie releasing??? or if its already released..plz put up the links or mail me….plz…

  5. is this released or not
    i need this movie

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