Posted by: Singh Is King | Monday, September 22, 2008

Mangal Dhillon wants to be a Sabat Surat Sikh


Amritsar: After producing and directing a number of documentary films on Sikh religion, its rich history and culture, famous actor, director and producer Mangal Dhillon is now contemplating on becoming a baptised Sikh.

“After completing my ongoing projects and assignments, I would start keeping beard and sport a turban,” said the versatile actor in his trademark booming voice.

Born in village Wander Jatana in Faridkot district, Mangal moved to Mumbai to pursue his film dream. He has worked in over 30 movies and also tried his hand at direction. The actor has also produced five documentary films and numerous theater shows.

Talking to the Tribune, the man, who has carved a niche for himself by dedicatedly producing films showcasing the rich Sikh traditions, said while portraying the characters he realised the importance of keeping beard and wearing turban.
 Dhillon said his headquarter would remain Mumbai, but he would spent considerable time in Ludhiana where he has set up a studio. He said he was planning to produce ‘Gurbani Sangeet’ by inviting prominent raagis and kathakars at his studio.

Mangal Dhillon worked as a theatre artiste from 1978 to 1987 besides teaching acting at various institutions. He shot to limelight after his powerful performance as Lubhaya Ram in Ramesh Sippy’s TV serial “Buniyaad”, which laid his foundation stone in the Mumbai Film Industry. Dhillon has also starred in semi-commercial film “Suneha – a message” based on true experiences of illegal immigrants. 



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