Posted by: Singh Is King | Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rahul Gandhi’s recent excursions in Punjab


There has been unprecedented levels of media coverage in India and across the globe regarding Rahul Gandhi’s recent excursions in Punjab. The hopeful future Prime Minister was quick to extend his supposed ‘regret’ saying the ‘anti-Sikh riots were wrong’.

Before any person in India or abroad automatically guarantees him their unequivocal support, one has to look at the context in which this has taken place. We are nearing the end of Manmohan Singh’s term as Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi has become a virtual recluse, So Rahul is out canvassing support from every corner of the country and seeking to silence anybody who dares speak out.

Was his description of the ‘riots’ not inaccurate? There were no ‘riots’ it was not merely random violence between groups of people; it was a pogrom: an organized massacre.of innocent people from a single minority community.

Will his apology bring back the thousands of mothers, fathers, children and family butchered on the streets of Delhi? Will his apology feed the poor displaced families who had nowhere to live, no means to support themselves and nothing to eat?


Rahul stated regarding the massacre of Sikhs in Delhi in November 1984 that “the perpetrators should be punished.” Who does he say will punish them?

Nearing 25 years on from this State-sponsored genocide, Rahul’s Congress party has done everything within their grasp to hide the truth from the world.


Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party has protected the perpetrators and denied justice to the tens of thousands of people whose families were savagely raped, murdered and burnt alive. The party has systematically concealed from the international community the most heinous of crimes.


With the upcoming State elections Sukhbir Badal and other Akali Dal leaders are not willing to hinder the Sikh-Hindu unity in Punjab so they remain silent on this issue.

Jawaharlal Nehru, grandfather of Rahul, conned Sikhs and backtracked on key promises. Rajiv Gandhi, his father condoned the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people in Delhi. Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother Indira Gandhi not only hurt the sentiment of Sikhs by attacking the holiest place of worship but left the Sikhs so alienated that their psyche remains to this day questioning whether there is a place for them in India.



  1. Hate will not help us now or ever. But never forget, I cannot emphasize this more – just don’t ever forget.

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