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Tragic death of Sikh Policeman


Its is a very sad, but honoured privilege to share with you a few of the many reasons why Kulwinder was so widely regarded amongst his friends and colleagues in the City of London Police.

Kulwinder Sandhu joined the City of London Police on the 4th November 2002. We were very privileged that Kulwinder approached the City of London as his chosen Force.

Being a graduate of business, finance and accountancy, and with ambitions to become a fraud investigator- the City of London was his natural choice.

Kulwinder was the first Sikh Police officer in the 179-year history of the Force. He graciously became the face of the City of London Police and appeared on many many publications, magazines and posters about the service.

With over 1200 colleagues, not a single member of staff could say they didn’t know Kulwinder.

He joined the City Force specifically, owing to his desire to be a financial investigator. Such was his determination to get on with his detective career that within 2 weeks of joining, he applied for an attachment to the fraud department!

This request would be an obvious move for a graduate of his background however not until he had completed at least 2 years on the beat would he be allowed to specialise.

Kulwinder was also keen on football, not only playing and organising games after work for colleagues but also watching his beloved Manchester United, lets pray that they beat Celtic tonight in what would be a fitting tribute.


Kulwinder was keen to try everything and anything in his patient wait for his detective career and as such he was prepared to help anyone and every department in the Force.

His helpful and considerate manner saw him apply to be part of the pilot scheme of a newly launched crime reporting bureau, dealing with members of the public who had been the victim of crime. His understanding and personable nature made him ideal for the role.

Kulwinder was very patient, tolerant, informative and charming when staff and the public asked him about his religion. No doubt, they asked the same questions over and over but his response was always humorous and engaging. He clearly raised the awareness of the Sikh religion amongst staff and also became an ambassador for us in the Sikh community.
At  6’4” tall, he struck an imposing figure, but nothing was as big as his heart, warm personality, generosity and beaming smile that could melt ice.

There is a phrase ‘like father like son’. That would appear NOT to be the case when it comes to working the nightshift. I understand that Bahadur Kulwinder’s father was a shift worker, for over 35 years and did so without effort. Kulwinder however would appear to be allergic to night shift. Whilst his colleagues would spend their breaks playing cards or watching TV, Kulwinder would always catch up on 40 winks by stretching out on the leather sofa in the TV room.

On one occasion, such was Kulwinder’s deep sleep that he slept through his break. The sergeant began asking if anyone had seen Kulwinder and when the Sergeant entered the TV room, the first thing he saw was a pair of size 12 boots sticking off the end of the settee. Needless to say he was soon out patrolling with his colleagues.

As much as Kulwinder enjoyed his job, Kulwinder loved his family dearly and spoke of them often with his colleagues. He was very proud of his son Gorvan who was born in 2007.

One evening shift Kulwinder was delayed in booking off duty whilst helping a victim of crime. By the time he finished his paperwork he missed his lat train home. In these circumstances, the inspector agreed for a colleague to drive Kulwinder home in an unmarked police car.

Kulwinder offered to drive, as he knew the best route to Letchworth and then his colleague would drive back. In his haste to get home to his family, he triggered two speed cameras, of which the dreaded letters arrived at the police station the next week. Under these circumstances the fine had to be paid and Kulwinder modestly dug deep.

In September 2007 Kulwinder realised his dream of being a fraud investigator and began his attachment to his chosen department.

With a beaming smile and long strides, he carried his box of personal possessions into the new office to meet his fraud colleagues. The first thing he did on opening the box to unpack, was to proudly place his family picture on his new desk which remained until his last day of service.

His premature death is an enormous loss to the Force and he will be sadly missed.

Our thoughts today are with his wife Mandeep, his son Gorvan, his parents Karamjit and Bahadur and all the family and friends.


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