Posted by: Singh Is King | Thursday, April 9, 2009

Afghan Sikh Anarkali Kaur makes Sikhs proud

Anarkali KaurKabul, Afghanistan: The beleaguered Sikh community in  Afghanistan could not have had a better role model.  At 25, Anarkali Kaur Honaryar is a doctor, an activist, a Radio presenter and a member of the independent Afghan Human Rights Committee and the official Constitution Committee. With the dupatta decently covering her head, she presents an image which makes every Sikh proud of her.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Radio Free Afghanistan (RFA)’s has declared her as the Person of the Year and Sikhs worldwide are quite happy to learn that.

The Sikh society is male dominated and the society in Afghanistan is terribly male-oriented. With the shadow of the Taliban looming large, the grit and determination of Anarkali Kaur can easily be compared with the legendary courage of Sundri of Bhai Vir Singh.

Since the last decade or so, a sizeable chunk of the community has fled Afghanistan to reside in India, Europe and the United Kingdom.  A large number of them have been granted asylum and the Southall Bazar, once the centre of Punjabi Sikhs is now virtually called the Afghani Sikhs Street. They are ubiquitous by their small and unique turbans and the brashness of their youth.  Not much is known about the status of their women, though. A large number of Afghani Sikhs live as stateless persons in India as India continues to grant them stay on a year to year basis, without confirming their residency.

Though Anjali Kaur could not fulfil her dream to become a pilot, she is certainly chanelling her life with respect and would be a shining star for all those who fight for an equal world.

Honaryar works for the country’s Independent Human Rights Commission and has been consistently campaigning for equal rights and democracy.  She was also a member of the Afghan Constitution Committee.

She was chosen as Person of the Year by human rights groups and journalists’ unions in Afghanistan.



  1. wow thats great to hear that sikh r all over the world n everywhere they do great for humanities may waheguru fullfill anarkali kaurs all wishes but one thing sikh religion is not male domanating here man n women r equal

  2. That’s great achievement for our community as well as for the humanity. Because our Guru’s have always taught us about the equality, i.e., all humans are equal. Its really brave thing that she is doing in a country where no one would like to live, as the fear of losing your life is always there.

  3. May God Help Her in all ways

  4. Sitting in India it makes us feel so proud to see examples like her outshining the society

  5. I am a muslim Afghan and I am very proud of my Afghan Hindu Sister Anarkali …. She is Hindu but is part of All Muslim Families….. We All Love Our Hindu Brothers and Sisters in Afghanistan…. After All They are Part of our Family 🙂

  6. ssal & copy 2 all rabba sare pardesiyan nu klhush rakhhi te hamesha hi chardi kala ch rakhhi preet kuwait

  7. God bless…

    • A person of such should called to Akal Takht and honored with a Saropa.

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